Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits

This Five Mile an Hour moment is brought to you by the letter “A” as in “annoyed” that my car is giving me grief, and number 500 which is the cost of this grief. Yesterday was one of my more stressful days, which I wish I didn’t have to deal with. Though in the grander scheme of things, its one of those things were I am thankful that it was only that type of stress. As my mother keeps reminding me there are other things happening in the world to other people, in which my experience to them is something that is welcomed. Which brings me to perspective. It’s these little hitches in life, where the mundane is erased and life comes rudely comes a knocking. For many, life is comfortable and we forget the ills of the world and let each day pass without taking a closer look at what is happening around us. For the past few months I have been enamored with a song that has copious amounts of Autotune, which as a musician feels needs to be used responsible. Though for this particular song, I was able to set my feelings aside and listen to words that reverberated from this unlikely source. The song I speak of is “A Glorious Dawn” by a John Boswell who’s project The Symphony of Science delivers scientific knowledge and philosophy through music. I found this song during my many jaunts into Youtube and after first watching it I was intrigued. Clips taken form Carl Sagan’s Cosmos was used to build this rather enchanting song. Now some would say this is pretty nerdy, and I would some point agree but the words resound with a message of perspective. The chorus of this song is “A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise, a morning filled with 400 billion suns and the rising of the milky way.” I find this to be one of most creative and thought provoking chorus I’ve heard in a while. Most of the song touches upon ideas that graze the surface our understanding of the universe, but the most important thing I got out of this song is perspective, and where does everything lie with in the larger picture. I am also reminded of perspective from this past Sunday’s homily, where the message was to prepare ourselves and not to sit idle. We all live in different worlds sort of speak, we have a collection of beliefs, interactions, knowledge, and understanding of the space we occupy. Each of our “worlds” has the ability to affect other worlds so it is important to treat our own “worlds” or lives with respect. Perspective, sometimes it takes a Five Mile an Hour moment to figure out where in our worlds we live in. 

Use Autotune responsibly, friends don’t let friends Autotune.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Falling In Love

I find it rather funny that just the other day, while driving home from work, listing to the my newly acquired U2 CD, that the thought of love pops into my mind. Not even pre announcing its arrival, it sneakily just appears to take residence in my mind for the remainder of my trip. Granted the new U2 CD is all about sharing the love with those who needs, but for some reason my mind started to gravitate towards the saying “falling in love.” I thought to myself “Why is that? Why is it referred to falling?” And thus my mind begins to churn the imagery of falling. Usually when I fall I hit the ground and it is sometimes caused by inanimate objects to which I fail to negotiate around. It’s the impact I start focusing on, the result of the fall, the pain that will surely ensue once impact is fully achieved. I then being to think to myself, “gee it would be nice if something, or in this case someone could break my fall or even catch me. In reality thought I think if was physically falling most people get out of the way, since I could potential cause irreparable damage to those kinda and helpful souls. Yet in the idea of love we do fall and most of the time we do hit the ground and it hurts, because when we fall and we are not caught, we feel the wind is knocked out of us. Yet in a single instance when the planets align, and time begins to stand still and we catch our soul mate, the fall in all its glory is definitely worth it. Love is something that can’t be measured out or rationed like food stuffs during famine. Love is an all or none action, and yes some would argue that there can be different levels, but really when you are in love its full and complete. Love is a wealth that can be freely given, and that no one can take away. We are all “wealthy” in this capacity and people have given their lives to the belief in love. In a time where love seems to be at war with what society think love means, its true sense will always prevail. A light shining in the darkness where truth will reveal itself, but to those who truly seeks its wisdom. 

So as I reached my humble abode in far reaches of the northern flood plain, I remember not my drive, which to say the least is a bit disconcerting, but I did enjoy my train of thought fueled by an image of falling into something. What will I think about next....hahah.  

Why Five Miles an Hour?

Behold...another blog is born...hehe! For the past year, my self musings have been induced my fleeting moments of “slow motion.” Little things have gotten me thinking and in moments where I find time to slow down, I feel my thoughts have time to roam the open spaces of my mind and explore. I have always said to myself “I should write my thoughts down,” but that seems to be as always a futile attempt. It was only week ago, sitting one of the conference rooms at corporate headquarters where a good discussion of writing style was developing. With communications, especially corporate communications it is imperative to maintain a consistent voice, and so style is important. In the midst of verbal collaboration, one of my colleagues points out that in mileage we do not spell out the number. For some reason that really stuck with me and I was really amused by seeing what is normally seen as 25 MPH, as Twenty-Five MPH. Then my mind suddenly takes a detour and I start to think of Fifty-Five MPH, and then Eighty MPH, finally on Five MPH. Now, you will commonly find 5 MPH in areas where ultra slow speeds are necessary, such as parking lots and apartment complexes. At first I am thinking, that is such and unnecessarily slow speed, granted for safety reasons its used, but it just seems so slow. I then start to think what if life sometimes moved at 5 MPH? It would seem slow, but I think it would help to reveal gems of that life has to offer. I am one of those people who likes to reflect in God given moments, where some would view delays as inconveniences, I see it as an opportunities. Speaking of opportunities...I have decided to start this blog called Five Miles an Hour which touches upon thoughts or mind discussions that have been brought on by moments where time seem to stand still. It’s is those situations where you find time slows down enough for you to notice all the wonderful things around you. It is not exclusive such thoughts, but that been the favorite flavor. We live in fast paced world and sometimes we need to take a break and see what we are missing. Enjoy what you see at 5 MPH.