Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Minnesotan Trail - Day Four - Home on the Horizon

Finally I have arrived at my destination. Into the welcoming arms of the Minnesotan countryside I rest my weary head. After a very eventful and fun excursion across several states, I finally arrived to my new home. The air was crisp, the weather was nice, and on April 1st I start the next chapter of this new adventure.

Apartment Photo from my Winter Trip

Yes…I know… this update is rather late, but I didn’t have Internet at the time, and I was super tired. So I am posting this update today, while I am in rainy California. Yes I have returned to California after a week in Minnesota, and no I haven’t grown tired and moved back. I have returned to tie up some loose ends and take care of a few things. So April is going to be a month of ups and downs, and lots of travel. By May, I can settle more in my new home.

Before I continue, I just want to recap my journey on the Minnesotan Trail. Starting on the 4th and final leg of the journey, spirits are running high and excitement is steadily increasing. In a couple of hours the long journey will be completed. Wasting no time, we started early leaving Council Bluffs, Iowa and headed towards Des Moines and then took a left on N 35W towards Minneapolis. The final leg proved to be the easiest and most enjoyable, since the roads were flat, and the wind died down. The scenery started to change as we approach Burnsville, then into Bloomington, MN. Once in Bloomington, we finally were able to unload the car, and unhitch Trailey fron Hauley. It was good to not haul the car, for the truck was more nimble and quick and was able to turn on a silver dollar. We then decided to hit up Ikea and pick up a couch so one to maximize the use of the truck, secondly to maximize the use of the movers. Finally at 8pm Central Standard Time I was finally moved into my new apt, which concludes the Minnesotan Trail. Luckily now one came down with dysentery, a broken leg, or dead oxen. Though there were times where fording a river and hunting became viable options.

Dropping off my car at the Uhaul Center

Lame photo of me carrying stuff from my car

Off to the Mega Ikea

Thanks for following me on this exciting journey to Minnesota. From here on in I will try my best to occasionally update this blog with my adventures and misadventures here. I am really looking forward to experiencing new things and growing a community that is somewhat familiar to the community and awesome friends I have made while in California. Maybe in couple months I may be using “you betcha” and “dontcha know” rather often. Only time will tell. Until then let the adventure begin!