Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's Been Going on Till Now (Part 1)

I think my hope into keeping this thing updated on a regular basis was at best wishful thinking. I mean its not impossible, but my attention has been pulled into many directions and secondly I unfortunately got lazy about it. Though I am trying to gently correct this problem, the main reason for this is my lack of Internet access for the first couple of weeks and for the fact I really didn’t start living in Minnesota until the beginning of May.

So here is what’s been going on since my move.

After the movers so awesomely coerced my belongings up the three flights of stairs, one mover told me that “this was the one of the easiest moves today,” and thanked me for using boxes. I found this amusing since the movers in Sacramento had a totally different perspective. After the movers in Sacramento moved me out of my second story apartment, one fellow joked that hopefully I didn’t have a third story apartment to move into. In my mind I was like yeaahhhh….third story….rightttt. I was puzzled about “using boxes” comment, but I was told that a lot people just launch things into the truck without packing
and are usually on floors higher than the 3rd floor.

Luckily I was moved in right before Good Friday and was now able to focus on the Easter. I was really glad that my family could be there. We all attended Mass at the beautiful Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis. As we arrived the bells started to ring and continued ringing for a good 20 minutes. The bells rung proudly, echoing into downtown Minneapolis announcing that the Lord has risen! It was awe-inspiring. The Mass at the Basilica was one of the most moving masses I have ever attended. The music was enveloping, and the importance of the day resonated into the hearts of everyone who was present that day. My father, usually one who doesn’t express his feelings much, commented on the Mass and how he felt moved by it. I felt that was a great indicator. Finally on the following Monday morning my family flew back to California. It was weird to know, I would be staying behind in a new state, which required a three-hour flight home, instead of my one-hour jaunt from Sacramento. A large part of me wanted to go back with them, but I had to embrace this brand new adventure.

Now, what about the rest of April? If you asked anyone in California, they would probably say I never left. The funny thing about that is I probably did more in California those two weeks back than I ever had done in any month. Since my move was earlier than I had wanted, I needed to go back to California to tie up some loose ends. On April 9th I flew back to California, only living in Minnesota for about a week. During this week in California I made the most of my time, be spending time with family, with great friends, and making sure all logistical matters were taken care of. I also was working out of my old office in Davis doing some final shipping of materials to my new office in Minnesota. Most notable events during that week was going to a Muse concert with my brother at Oracle Arena, spending Picinic Day with friends I will miss dearly, the going away party my bro Eddie threw for me, and hanging out with a great bunch of guys. I have to admit that week made California hard to leave.

I returned to Minnesota on Sunday April 18th, for another week back at work. Again, this was not enough time to completely settle in. I did get my cubicle in order and got up to speed with projects. Working at corporate has been great, and it’s a different energy, but I do miss the people back at the Davis office. They were a great bunch of people and a pleasure to work with. Having to leave back for California again didn’t help with the unpacking process, that’s for sure!

April 23rd I flew back to California, first to see my family and help my brother celebrate his birthday in style. It was a most awesome time. I was then off to San Jose for the main reason for coming back to California. I was assigned to help work at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. There I helped with a mini-class sessions for wireless technologies as well as working the show both on convention floor. It was quite an experience and really cool to see the innovative technologies that all these companies had to offer. It felt really good to get in the mix of things. After the show, I met with some friends and my brother to dine at The Sundance Steak House in Palo Alto. We all were in glorious steak heaven, and were left speechless after our dinner. It was amazing, and definitely a must go. I might have to make special trips to visit this one of kind restaurant. On Friday I decided to head to Davis to make a visit, but made a quick change in plans and headed home. My Mom was surprised to see me and was really happy I came home, and then I went to see my Dad at work before making my way to Davis.

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to join some friends to take a hike at the Calveras Big Trees. I remember coming to this area when I was in grade school back in Modesto. It was good to be back to see one of California’s greatest treasures. Before my move there was so many opportunities to enjoy the great California outdoors, but I wasn’t able to go. I felt this was a fitting outing before heading back to Minnesota. I forgot how majestic the redwoods are, and it was great to be there again. Afterwards, I was able to have dinner with one of my closest friends, which was most excellent. Sunday I was back to San Jose to fly out back to Minnesota. In retrospect, I should have scheduled a flight from Sacramento which would have been a whole lot easier, but as usual I was not thinking and only took into account that I was working in San Jose, but I did get to see a good part of Northern California.

Now you can see why it would seem that haven’t let California. In truth, leaving California finally at the end of April was bittersweet. Once arriving in Minnesota, and getting home, it finally started to sink in and I started to have a better appreciation of what I had out in California, and Lord knows that I will be missing people dearly. I started to wonder what is in store for me here in Minnesota? What will be my future? Most importantly, will I be ok? I know I will be ok, but I am finding happiness for me lies in numerous things, and so my quest now aims at looking for these things =).

There is so much more to tell, but I think this is good for now. I will definitely post more, up when I get a chance, probably later today or tomorrow, or sometime soon. I’ll be better at this, most likely updating on monthly basis, after the next few updates. For now…Adios!