Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minnesotan Trail - Day Three - Snow, Run for Omaha, and the Show Down

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Sitting in a hotel room in Council Bluffs, Iowa, I try to recollect what has occurred today on this move to Minnesota. More and more I realize that I just want to complete this trip....hahaha. So yes it is an adventure, and yes it is fun, but the welcome wears off when you can't really stop and look at things, and the only thing that matters is meeting a deadline.

This morning started off with a light dusting of snow covering Hauley and my car. The ground was covered with snow, but the roadways seems to be clear. Though the front desk attendant warned about ice on the roadways so that put a slight damper on today's run for Omaha. Today was that day to make up for lost time due to mountains, wind storms, tumble weeds, salt and sand storms, and everything else mother nature wanted to whip up. It behooved us to make the run for Omaha. Nothing like the roar of a Triton V-10, guzzing gas and hauling ass down I-80, with the auto hauler, desperately keeping up in wake of our agressive advancement. We gave up sharing the highway, and just muscled our way to ultimate glory. Though in our fevered attempt we overshot Omaha and ended up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, giving us more room than we had anticipated. By tomorrow I should be in Minnesota, ready to move into my new diggs, and by Monday start my new adventure in Minnesota.

Here are some pics I found cool, interesting, and amusing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Minnesotan Trail - Day Two - The Climb and the Tumbleweed Migration

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So my original idea to post videos may have been too ambitious. Bandwidth at the hotels is making it difficult to load the videos in a timely manner. So I will wait till I get to Minnesota to post clips of this mad adventure. For now pictures will have to do.

Today’s update is going to be short cause I am exhausted and I need to get some rest for the endurance drive tomorrow.

So far so good! Day two comes to a close after 11 hours of intense Uhaul driving. As a note, I would say for a road trip it would be an excellent drive with a group of people. In terms of moving, I recommend using PODS to move stuff. It would make for a much more pleasant trip. You will get to avoid the Utah Salt flats of death and the Tumbleweed migration. We finally stopped in a town of Rawlins, Wyoming, to rest our weary heads. Tomorrow the adventure continues.

Here are some pics from the drive today.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Minnesotan Trail - The Journey Begins

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Overcast with 90% chance of awesome, day one of the Minnesotan Trail begins with an early morning. Ma and Pa as usual are up early, and I wake up just due to my sheer love of the morning, or more like the bare floor encouraged me to greet the morning with reluctant joy. Today is the day where I head off to Minnesota to start a new adventure, and yes cause my job is now there.

Our hearty movers greet us with morning gusto and start hauling my stuff into the Hauley the loveable Uhaul truck. I have to say the movers did an excellent job packing the truck, better than any previous moving experience I ever had. One could say the experience was moving. Ok…well then. After the truck was packed, the auto haul was hitched and my car was launched onto it with no time to waste. Once all was said and done it was time to leave my apt and to head east ascending the Sierras and waving goodbye to the Sacramento Valley.

The move is epic, but the speed at which the move is happening at is not epic at all. Yet there is something to appreciate about traveling at 55 MPH. For one the car and the trailer don’t fly off the road, but also it provides some time to look around and appreciate the surroundings such as in Truckee. At like 80 or 90 MPH, there is something lost, but at 55 MPH there are things that you are glad to have seen. That is until you get into Nevada and get to Fallon, Winnemucca, and Battle Mountain which by the is a cool name and is also the “Gateway to the Nevada Outback.” I am fully aware that I may not be giving these places a fair shake, but I wouldn’t mind driving 80 or 90 through these parts. So now we are encamped in Elkos, Nevada, shaking off the sand, and getting a good nights rest for a one of the endurance legs of the journey. Right now I am hoping the check engine light continues to remain meaningless as instructed by Uhaul Roadside assistance. Hauley is poised to conquer the Minnesotan trail. Also, I really don’t want to pull out the oxen and hitch a wagon. I will most likely post videos at a later time. I just don't have the bandwidth.

Moving Reflection with a hint of Travel, and a Dash of Minnesotan Trail

While I had different intentions for this blog, I found it fitting to post my move on this blog, and probably all my adventures and shenanigans that will ensue. Either it seems a slowing down moment or a life changing moment will cause one to see life in a different perspective. We never really think of being where we are now, but as we look back we find it just to be the right place at the right time. It has been nearly a year since I moved to my soon to be old apartment, and thinking to myself, this is it, I will live here as long as it takes. I even signed a 17-month lease to prove to myself that this is where I will be for quite some time. Well surprise surprise, I am again about to move, but this time it’s pretty big. Back in September 2009 in the midst of economic tidal wave, my fellow coworkers were soon realizing their jobs had a shelf life. Fear is a funny motivator, yet it in some ways it brings a certain perspective, that at a time when saying no to an opportunity is not affordable option. So I am moving to Minnesota. Yes the northern state where the catch phrases “dontcha know” or “you betcha” is quite common.

I am excited of this new adventure. What better way to start than to hitch up a Uhaul and truck it on the Minnesotan trail. So at 9-10 am on March 29th I will begin my journey. Now depending on how frequent I get Internet access or how much bandwidth I get, this will determine my ability to update this blog. My true goal is to document the next couple of days with video blogs to give a true Arman perspective of the Minnesotan Trail. Along with my parents who have graciously agreed to accompany me on trip, my brother will be meeting us in Minneapolis to greet us with open arms. I’ve thought about hiring some child actors to play Little Timmy or Little Sarah, in which one would end up with a broken leg, and other coming down with dysentery, but I think this trip could do without. Though if we come across a river, we are fording it, most likely there will be a bridge, but I want it to be known the choice was made. So anyways keep checking this blog regularly for updates and keep us in your prayers as we travel the MINNESOTAN TRAIL…….