Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Minnesotan Trail - Day Two - The Climb and the Tumbleweed Migration

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So my original idea to post videos may have been too ambitious. Bandwidth at the hotels is making it difficult to load the videos in a timely manner. So I will wait till I get to Minnesota to post clips of this mad adventure. For now pictures will have to do.

Today’s update is going to be short cause I am exhausted and I need to get some rest for the endurance drive tomorrow.

So far so good! Day two comes to a close after 11 hours of intense Uhaul driving. As a note, I would say for a road trip it would be an excellent drive with a group of people. In terms of moving, I recommend using PODS to move stuff. It would make for a much more pleasant trip. You will get to avoid the Utah Salt flats of death and the Tumbleweed migration. We finally stopped in a town of Rawlins, Wyoming, to rest our weary heads. Tomorrow the adventure continues.

Here are some pics from the drive today.

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  1. Do toilets flush the opposite way on the other side of the divide?