Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving Reflection with a hint of Travel, and a Dash of Minnesotan Trail

While I had different intentions for this blog, I found it fitting to post my move on this blog, and probably all my adventures and shenanigans that will ensue. Either it seems a slowing down moment or a life changing moment will cause one to see life in a different perspective. We never really think of being where we are now, but as we look back we find it just to be the right place at the right time. It has been nearly a year since I moved to my soon to be old apartment, and thinking to myself, this is it, I will live here as long as it takes. I even signed a 17-month lease to prove to myself that this is where I will be for quite some time. Well surprise surprise, I am again about to move, but this time it’s pretty big. Back in September 2009 in the midst of economic tidal wave, my fellow coworkers were soon realizing their jobs had a shelf life. Fear is a funny motivator, yet it in some ways it brings a certain perspective, that at a time when saying no to an opportunity is not affordable option. So I am moving to Minnesota. Yes the northern state where the catch phrases “dontcha know” or “you betcha” is quite common.

I am excited of this new adventure. What better way to start than to hitch up a Uhaul and truck it on the Minnesotan trail. So at 9-10 am on March 29th I will begin my journey. Now depending on how frequent I get Internet access or how much bandwidth I get, this will determine my ability to update this blog. My true goal is to document the next couple of days with video blogs to give a true Arman perspective of the Minnesotan Trail. Along with my parents who have graciously agreed to accompany me on trip, my brother will be meeting us in Minneapolis to greet us with open arms. I’ve thought about hiring some child actors to play Little Timmy or Little Sarah, in which one would end up with a broken leg, and other coming down with dysentery, but I think this trip could do without. Though if we come across a river, we are fording it, most likely there will be a bridge, but I want it to be known the choice was made. So anyways keep checking this blog regularly for updates and keep us in your prayers as we travel the MINNESOTAN TRAIL…….

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  1. good luck and safe travels! driving a Uhaul from Davis to LA was quite the adventure for me! It's great that mom and dad will be with you on the trip; how exciting for them too! You may know as much as I do about moving, but moving to a place where you don't really know anyone or anything is quite the experience ... as in moving to Davis on my own, and now LA. Changes are always happening, how wonderful a dynamic world really is, huh? but always remember that the GRACE and LOVE of GOD is always CONSTANT ... and that gets us through what we may think is the impossible!
    brat pack love forever!!! :)