Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minnesotan Trail - Day Three - Snow, Run for Omaha, and the Show Down

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Sitting in a hotel room in Council Bluffs, Iowa, I try to recollect what has occurred today on this move to Minnesota. More and more I realize that I just want to complete this trip....hahaha. So yes it is an adventure, and yes it is fun, but the welcome wears off when you can't really stop and look at things, and the only thing that matters is meeting a deadline.

This morning started off with a light dusting of snow covering Hauley and my car. The ground was covered with snow, but the roadways seems to be clear. Though the front desk attendant warned about ice on the roadways so that put a slight damper on today's run for Omaha. Today was that day to make up for lost time due to mountains, wind storms, tumble weeds, salt and sand storms, and everything else mother nature wanted to whip up. It behooved us to make the run for Omaha. Nothing like the roar of a Triton V-10, guzzing gas and hauling ass down I-80, with the auto hauler, desperately keeping up in wake of our agressive advancement. We gave up sharing the highway, and just muscled our way to ultimate glory. Though in our fevered attempt we overshot Omaha and ended up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, giving us more room than we had anticipated. By tomorrow I should be in Minnesota, ready to move into my new diggs, and by Monday start my new adventure in Minnesota.

Here are some pics I found cool, interesting, and amusing.

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