Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Five Miles an Hour?

Behold...another blog is born...hehe! For the past year, my self musings have been induced my fleeting moments of “slow motion.” Little things have gotten me thinking and in moments where I find time to slow down, I feel my thoughts have time to roam the open spaces of my mind and explore. I have always said to myself “I should write my thoughts down,” but that seems to be as always a futile attempt. It was only week ago, sitting one of the conference rooms at corporate headquarters where a good discussion of writing style was developing. With communications, especially corporate communications it is imperative to maintain a consistent voice, and so style is important. In the midst of verbal collaboration, one of my colleagues points out that in mileage we do not spell out the number. For some reason that really stuck with me and I was really amused by seeing what is normally seen as 25 MPH, as Twenty-Five MPH. Then my mind suddenly takes a detour and I start to think of Fifty-Five MPH, and then Eighty MPH, finally on Five MPH. Now, you will commonly find 5 MPH in areas where ultra slow speeds are necessary, such as parking lots and apartment complexes. At first I am thinking, that is such and unnecessarily slow speed, granted for safety reasons its used, but it just seems so slow. I then start to think what if life sometimes moved at 5 MPH? It would seem slow, but I think it would help to reveal gems of that life has to offer. I am one of those people who likes to reflect in God given moments, where some would view delays as inconveniences, I see it as an opportunities. Speaking of opportunities...I have decided to start this blog called Five Miles an Hour which touches upon thoughts or mind discussions that have been brought on by moments where time seem to stand still. It’s is those situations where you find time slows down enough for you to notice all the wonderful things around you. It is not exclusive such thoughts, but that been the favorite flavor. We live in fast paced world and sometimes we need to take a break and see what we are missing. Enjoy what you see at 5 MPH. 

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